Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

“This was really a surprising event. To be honest I wasn’t in the mood and wasn’t particularly looking forward to it but within 5 minutes I was sold. The venue was excellent, the organisation 1st class, the food was inventive and I really enjoyed the company of my team!

This was the most enjoyable team building event I’ve ever been involved in. I found the Chefs were excellent, creating a very good relaxing/learning atmosphere. All the feedback I’ve heard has been very positive. I thought we worked together well as a team, no fuss, no bother, no egos; it was quite impressive.

I enjoyed it so much I’ve organised a display of my culinary techniques today (Sun); I’m getting the family around (wife, son, daughter, her partner and mother-in-law) for dinner. Haven’t quite decided the menu yet! Thanks again.”

Paul Lund, Chief IT Architect – Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

“The day was fantastic. The host & hospitality were “A” class. The team had loads of fun. Great food, service, techniques and most of all great company. Everyone enjoyed the meals cooked up and most were surprised they actually had some great cooking skills. I would most definitely be booking again with VictorsFood and would highly recommend to anyone. Thank you again.”

Shenni Louis, Assistant to Group Chief Information Officer – Insurance Australia Group (IAG)
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