VictorsFood Corporate Cooking Team Building Guarantee

We will Satisfy your Objectives with Corporate Cooking Team Building

Simply put, we guarantee to satisfy your agreed objectives for your event, or we will refund our per person charges. Whether you just want to have fun, have serious work to do, or a mix of both, our hands-on cooking experiences are tailored to your objectives. Every event is as unique as your team.

Very few companies have the confidence to offer a meaningful guarantee. We think that says something about their ability to produce results consistently. Why are we so confident? Because we have extensive experience, and a method that produces results. Just think about this:

After every event, we ask our clients for their opinion of our service. When we ask:

  • How well did we meet your objectives?: 98% “Excellent” / “Very Good”!
  • Would you like to do another VictorsFood event?: 97% “Yes”.
  • Would you recommend us to others?: 100% say “Yes”!
  • And 100% say they are happy with the “value for money”!

Need more convincing? Read what our customers say about our hands-on cooking events.