Events Overview


Standing Meal


Two Hour Tapas

Fast & Furious – 2 hours
Groups within your team move among cooking stations making and enjoying different, wonderful tapas at each stop. This is the perfect option for large social events where you want your guests to mingle and keep the energy level high, like conferences, ice breakers, lunch or pre-dinner.


Gourmet Power Pizza

Top Crust Networking – 2.5 hours
Everyone loves pizza! And everyone will love making gourmet pizzas from scratch, with some beautiful salads to round out a delicious, fast, light meal, while getting plenty of time to talk and get to know each other. Perfect for ice-breakers, networking and lighter budgets.


Hot Chocolate (and more!)

Deal Sweetener – 2 hours
Does your team deserve a pure reward? Indulge them with this delicious exploration into the world of chocolate and desserts. Liquid or solid; hot or cold; make a variety of confections, then enjoy a few treats together and pack up the rest to take home or back to the office.


Seated Meal


The MasterChef Challenge

Competitive & Fun – 4 hours
Whisk your team into a frenzy in this challenge to see which is the best. Every team cooks the same dishes in a timed and judged event. What will they do with the mystery box? For competitive teams looking for loads of fun and action plus!


Ultimate Team Building

Our Most Popular – 3.5 hours
A fun and productive team building experience. This event fulfills your objectives as we weave them into our presentations. Your whole team become chefs, then waiters and customers in a jam packed event filled with great music, creative energy and team engagement.


Wok Into Action

Asian Action Adventure – 3.5 hours
Take your team on an adventure. Explore Asia through her food, building metaphors for your messages through ingredients, recipes and techniques. Bring ancient wisdom into everyday action as we use the alchemy of the kitchen to transform your team into gold.


Executive & Leadership Team Development


Raw Ingredients

The Start of Something Big – half and 1 day options
This Executive team development program combines professional facilitation, psychometric profiling and a hands-on cooking event to reveal the real formula for your team success. Identify, understand and address fundamental dynamics in your team and individual performance.

EP Teams (with rogenSi)

Exceptionally Performing Teams – 1 and 1.5 day options
Leverage rogenSi’s “secret” to exceptional performance using VictorsFood’s uniquely effective MasterChef Challenge to create the ultimate leadership development, learning and bonding experience for teams wanting to enhance their performance.

Ingredients of a Team
(with Sabre Corporate Development)

Recipe for Success – 2 hour to 1.5 day options
Combine any of our cooking team building experiences with Sabre’s sophisticated high-end individual and team profiling challenge tasks and to discover and refine the ingredients of your team. VictorsFood and Sabre bring vast business experience and facilitation expertise to link business issues and themes to the activity components as they unfold.


Presentation / Lite Bites


The Perfect Match

Food & Wine Matching Experience – 2 hours
Taste, watch, learn and enjoy as we join with Australian Wine & Beer School to demonstrate 4 easy to recreate canapes, then taste them alongside exquisite, perfectly matched Australian regional wines. Learn why these pairings work, and how to create your own Perfect Match.


MasterChef Stage Show

Lights, Camera, Action – 1 hour
A small group from your team compete MasterChef style in a timed event, preparing a light meal for the whole team in 1 hour with plenty of engagement for the whole audience. This event is brilliant entertainment with a light meal – perfect for larger groups on a tight budget or timeline.


Wok On!

Fire up Passion – 1 hour
Fire up your event with this high-octane experience that inspires and motivates. Let your guests join in the cooking or enjoy the show as we develop your message through layers of metaphor and action. Perfect for product launches, conferences, ice breakers and motivational events.


Cook Smart to Eat Well

Wellness with Wow! – 45 minutes
We come to you with 45-minute interactive health & wellness cooking sessions to get your team excited about eating well. These fun, quick sessions are designed for the company that wants to promote staff wellness in a hands-on cooking team building format.