Almost half (49 per cent) of Australia’s workforce is comprised of ‘digital workers’, according to the Australian Communications and Media Authority. This means that they either work from home or outside of normal hours, or that they have an agreement where they spend some of the work day away from the office.

As for the rest of Australia’s workers, many of them spend considerable amounts of time online, too.

With so much of our workforce spending time in the digital realm, it makes sense to consider team building ideas for the same space.

There are a number of ways to partake in virtual team building.

One San Franciscan company focuses solely on designing and building online games for companies for this specific purpose. The Go Game is an initiative where you get your employees playing a virtual game – but one that centres around working together, problem solving, and other team building goals.

That said, you don’t need to go all out to make the most of the team building options that the digital space offers. A simple monthly video conference with everyone in the group together is a quick and easy way to keep in touch and talk through successes, as well as existing areas of improvement.

Another easy idea is to use your email function. Send out a group email asking one or two questions about themselves. It can be anything from ‘favourite book and why?’ to ‘next dream holiday destination?’. Particularly with workers who don’t share an office, it can be hard for individuals to connect, and these simple ‘reply all’ emails will encourage bonding and sharing.

Alternatively, find an appropriate pre-existing game online. Some kids websites have great games- but there are literally thousands of free options across the Internet. Set aside some time for everyone to play the game – no matter where they are – and see who can get a high score. It will add plenty of fun to the workplace without spending a cent.