It’s that time of year again and workplace managers, human resources people, and social activity coordinators are scrambling to prepare for the end of year rush and an exciting workplace Christmas party to boot.

As you sort out the basics such as a venue, food and drink, and music, be sure to throw in a few extras to make this year a Christmas party for the history books (for all the right reasons!).

A special company announcement

By this, it doesn’t mean it’s a great time to announce the end of year company profit, or that you’re introducing a new product or service to your range.

Instead, look for something that will benefit staff. Perhaps you can introduce casual dress Fridays, announce an unexpected Christmas bonus, or agree to an employee request such as a weekly delivery of fresh fruit for the office starting in the New Year.

A surprise prize giving

Every body loves a prize giving, and if you can have a bit of fun with this and include as many people as possible, your whole workplace will remember it.

Include plenty of fun prizes, such as ‘best Monday morning attitude’ and ‘most impressive packed lunches’ as well as more serious ones such as ‘fewest sick days’ or ‘MVP’ awards. Prizes can be anything from inexpensive trophies to chocolates to flowers – anything to say thanks to your incredible team!

Individual gifts

An individual gift, even a small one, is a fantastic way to surprise your staff and to say thank you for a year of hard work. Whether you offer unique gifts to each people or opt to buy everyone the same present (which is most likely in larger workplaces!), it’s a simple and effective way to ensure the whole team feels appreciated.

An office-wide gift

If you have a particularly large workplace but still want to introduce some kind of gift to your employees, consider a gift to the office itself.

A real coffee machine can be a fantastic idea – after all, the average coffee consumption by Australian adults is 9.2 cups per week according to Roy Morgan. Plus, you can use training sessions for smaller groups on how to use the machine as awesome team building activities. Alternatively, you could look at something fun such as a pool table in the break room, or something enjoyable such as a small office library.

A professional photographer or photobooth

Photos are today’s social media currency, and as much as most people will hate to admit it, many would love a few more snaps of their fun outings.

For many parties, photos either get forgotten, are poor quality because of camera phones, or only stem from one or two people who actually take the odd picture.

Instead, consider employing a professional photographer or setting up a photobooth. This will ensure you’ve got some excellent snaps of the event to put up in the workplace after the party, and that nobody forgets what a great day/night it was!