Roughly a third of all people fall into the ‘introverted’ category, which makes it highly likely that any business has a number of introverted staff in the workplace.

The benefits of hiring an introvert are diverse; they tend to be more creative, think more clearly, and perform better. Naturally, any company would want to tap into these resources and ensure that these employees are able to work to their best potential.

The question is a matter of how.

Adapt your team building strategies

A false myth around introverts is that they dislike social interaction. This is completely untrue, and trying to create team building without social interaction to cater for introverts will only confuse people.

Instead, opt for activities that aren’t based on full-on forced participation or excessive sharing. Look for things your team can do together that allows and encourages interaction without putting people on the spot.

Fair warning on input

Introverts often feel uncomfortable when put on the spot about a specific issue or subject. If you have a work meeting coming up to discuss ideas, give the team fair warning of a few hours to a couple of days to give your introverts time to think it through.

This way, you’ll receive much more clearly thought out answers and ideas, and your introverted staff won’t feel the pressure of being called upon on the spot all the time.

Spread out meetings

 Alone time for an introvert is time for recharging the batteries. Conversely, time spent in meetings or socialising is essentially like draining the batteries. Therefore, to both make your workplace introverts feel most at home, and to ensure you get their best performance during client and employee meetings, it’s important to spread out such engagements as much as possible.