How It Works


To see what to expect from a typical experience, watch these videos, or read below about how Ultimate Team Building cooking events work.

An Ultimate Team Building (3.5 Hour) Event

On Arrival

First we get everyone settled. It’s best if all the team arrive at once as it creates a better impact, especially if the activity is a surprise. We gather all the new “chefs” to have a brief talk on how the event will proceed. We engage your team and highlight your key messages, setting the stage for a fun and successful team event.

First Course – Your Team as Star Chefs

Before the event, we help you divide your team into groups according to the team’s size and your objectives. Each group has its own VictorsFood Chef giving them personal, professional attention so they feel comfortable with the tasks ahead. Your team learns essential cooking skills, proper knife techniques and puts together a restaurant quality banquet of gourmet food. You are assured of success, with timely tips and helpful guidance from our Chefs to keep things moving in the right direction. Through the night we artfully use the cooking experience as a source of metaphors for your message; bringing everyone on board. The actual cooking lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours.

Watch 250 conference delegates compete for MasterChef honours below:

Second Course – Waiters with No Attitude

As the cooking is completed your team learns what hospitality is all about, as they become the service staff – setting tables, folding serviettes, and creating the ambience – all with their own style and creative energy. In a flash your cooking stations are turned into your dining area. You’ll be amazed what people get up to with this.

Third Course – The Wow Factor

The Wow Factor is what your team experiences as the customers in their very own restaurant. They sit and enjoy the fruits of their labours – a sensational banquet of delicious dishes. Your team basks in the satisfaction of a job well done, and continue the bonding experience over a great meal, while we make sure they have enough of everything, with big smiles and great energy. Our final wrap-up will nail your objectives and leave everyone feeling proud of what they achieved together.


VictorsFood aims to reduce “food miles” (the distance your food is shipped) and works with local farmers to bring to you the freshest and most sustainably produced foods. Therefore, our menus change seasonally. With advance notice, we accommodate any dietary requirements, allergies, etc. your team members have. Expect delicious world cuisine based on tried and true recipes. We are happy to adapt theme menus and events if you want something even more festive. We usually take care of the whole menu plan, but you can be as involved as you like.


We love good music, so expect great tunes to liven up the event and keep the team shaking things in addition to the pots and pans.

Alcohol & Soft Drinks

Our events are BYO beverages or as agreed with the venue. We are okay for people to have a glass of wine or two during the cooking, but for safety reasons we try to get them to hold back a bit until they are seated and no longer working with knives and hot pans. Then the party can rock on!

The Next Day

We send recipes, photos, and a link to our online feedback form to the event coordinator to distribute to the team. As a reminder of your fantastic event, you get to post some great photos on your company’s website for all to enjoy.