How It Works


For private groups of 8 or more people, cooking parties let you have your experience when it suits YOU. For individuals and smaller groups looking for a structured learning experience, book into one of our scheduled Sydney Cooking Classes.

To organise a cooking party, all you have to do is gather a group of friends or work mates and set a date. Then contact us to pick the menu. On the day, come to the venue and the fun begins. We take care of all the hard stuff and make it easy for you to create an amazing meal you eat with your friends.

  • Start with the basics of cooking, then add heaps of fun…
  • Cooking parties are fully hands-on, so come ready to cook
  • We provide great music, ingredients, recipes, equipment and professional guidance

What do you take home with you?

You get an amazing experience in the world of food, where you and your friends have fun, and learn things you always wanted to know, building your confidence in the kitchen. We give everyone copies of the recipes and photos so you can share your cooking experience with others.

Who will enjoy cooking parties?

Cooking parties are for people who want a unique experience, and love eating and spending time with friends. Cooking parties are a great way to enjoy cooking, learning and socialising.

What do you cook?

We can work with you to design the perfect event, or you can let the chef surprise you. The choice is yours. The menus can be a single cuisine or mixed theme. Our recipes give you a choice of cuisines and styles from simple to complex. Learn how to cook duck properly or do that perfect Spanish feast complete with paella. Learn Greek inspired dishes, Mexican, Moroccan, Latin, or Mediterranean. Call us now to talk about exciting ideas for menus.

Where is it held?

Our Cooking Parties can work in any venue! We have a number of venues we are happy to recommend, or we can do it in your home, club or local park.