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Are you looking for Sydney’s best corporate cooking classes?


Something that is a great learning experience, not a party and not team building?

Private Corporate Cooking Classes are a great learning experience, when you don’t want a party or team building. Book a private corporate cooking class online or in person. Enquire now for more information: 0413454789.


Online Cooking Classes – Anywhere!

All the benefits of our in-person classes below… and

Attend from Anywhere

Your internet connection is your link to new learning & great meals

Great Value

Our in-person classes are $149, so these $45 classes are exceptional value. We can do this because we buy less food and spend less time setting up and cleaning!

Learn More in Less Time

With no travel to / from the classroom, and our unique 3-part (2-hour) structure, you’re able to learn more in less time

Create a Meal to Share

At the end of the class, you’ve got a meal to serve family or friends