Whether you are planning an international conference or a simple meeting, you need a point of difference. We have the skills and resources you need to ensure that event is successful, enjoyable and memorable.

  • incentive program
  • conference dinner
  • spouses’ activity
  • ice breaker
  • team building

With a VictorsFood cooking experience, people bond automatically and go away motivated, happy and fully switched on.

It’s an event and a meal, and challenges your attendees to be more creative, think out of the box and engage, engage, engage!

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Any Meal Any Format

We can do a team cooking activity for any meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner. If time is short, try our 2 Hour Tapas. For a focus on healthy eating, try Cook Smart to Eat Well. Any of our cooking team building experience formats can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.
Our interactive catering service gives guests the choice of getting involved as little or as much as they like and uses food service to be part of the connecting experience among delegates.
Give your guests a show and something to eat. Pit your most eager delegates against each other in a stage show experience that gets everyone excited, cheering for their favourites and a light meal.
Delicious and educational, The Perfect Match gives guests tastes of a range of Australian regional wines and perfectly matched finger foods, and teaches them how to create their own perfect match. Whatever format you choose, we will make sure people are cooking up a storm while we build the metaphors between your conference objectives and the cooking process. It really works.
VictorsFood makes your job easier by assisting you to develop and deliver the perfect event for your conference. Our team’s experience working with professional conference organisers and event managers means we know how to make you the hero.


We know it’s a lot of work to find the right event that has the fit you want and the substance to back it up. VictorsFood provide cooking events that

  • meet your company’s objectives
  • provide top quality service and expertise
  • get results
  • create a memorable event to have them talking for years to come
  • bring a healthy eating message with analogies to your company’s mission

Remember, we

  • are portable and can travel to any destination in the world
  • have access to venues all over Australia
  • handle venue selection and management to make the event easy
  • do events from 8-1,200
  • customise the event to your requirements

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How To Engage, Entertain and Feed Your Guests at the Same Time – a Conference Dinner and Conference Ice Breaker in One

‘Wow’ Guests at Your Exhibition or Conference Dinner


Our corporate cooking events tick all the boxes, giving you the perfect way to engage, energise, entertain and feed your guests all at the same time. Cooking and eating together is naturally bonding, and our Chef / Presenters are skilled at maximising this like no others.

Case Study – ABEE 2011 Hosted Buyers Welcome Dinner

Would you dare ask the Hosted Buyers to your expo to cook their own welcome dinner? Business Events Sydney did just that for ABEE 2011. The results couldn’t have been better. The Hosted Buyers had a great time, and the exhibitors who attended found that business relationships bloomed.

Simon Shaw, Head of Stakeholder Relationships at Business Events Sydney said:

The feedback we received from the guests was this experience moulded a group of people who didn’t know each other into a group more like old friends without even realising that was the intention.

This is largely due to the seemingly effortless way VictorsFood were able to integrate a room full of buyers and sellers to a point where they weren’t just swapping business cards at the end of the night, but making appointments to meet. This could not have happened without VictorsFood providing the platform for these new relationships to be built.

The organisers received a lot of extremely positive feedback from the group. One of the guests, Janene Wardrop, Events Manager at The Australian Medical Association said:

It was a brilliant evening – very professionally run and a highly enjoyable experience. Cooking and eating together was a great team builder and ice breaker. I highly recommend VictorsFood to all.

Watch a short video of the expo welcome dinner below, or read in SPICE News about how we turned a welcome dinner into food team building.

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