October is a month for warmer days throughout the country, for Hallowe’en parties and costumes, and most importantly, for celebrating Australia’s Good Food Month in Sydney.

Just because Good Food Month is coming to a close doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating the incredible cuisine to be found all over the country. Here are some of the best ways to celebrate your epicurean side no matter what month it is!

Get creative in the kitchen

If Sunday night has become eggs on toast night, Wednesday night is chicken stir fry night, and Friday night is takeaways, take this opportunity to switch things up and try a new recipe. You could ask a friend for their favourite meal, pick up a new cookbook from the bookstore, or simply browse online until you find something that looks like it matches your tastes and skill levels.

You’ll be amazed at the fare you can create if you set your mind to it, and even if it goes wrong, there’s always eggs on toast as a backup!

Attend organised events

No matter where you are in the city, there were some awesome events to check out during Good Food Month. In Sydney city, there were attractions such as the famous Night Noodle Markets. However, if you missed it in Sydney, you can enjoy this festival-like street market a little earlier or later in the year by following it to another part of the country. A great excuse to take in a new city while enjoying al fresco gastronomic delights.

Visit a restaurant you’ve had your eye on

Speaking of great restaurants, isn’t it time you finally checked out that place you’ve heard so much about? It’s all too easy to keep putting off a nice dinner, so put a date in the diary  right now.

Get some friends together or go for an intimate date with a loved one. A special meal with people you care about is never something you’ll regret, so pick a date and book it in!

Learn new cooking skills

Many of the activities you have enjoyed during Good Food Month will create fantastic memories, but taking a cooking class with us here at Victors Food will leave you will skills you can use for the rest of your life.

With so many course options on offer, you can pick just about anything – French cuisine, Mexican fare, vegetarian meals, or even simply a course on how to cook the perfect duck dish. Our Sydney Cooking Classes are fun and easy, making for a fantastic foodie adventure that will inspire the taste buds and have you whipping up seriously impressive meals at home.

Plant your own veggies

Part of Australian Good Food Month is the celebration of the wonderful local produce that grows around the country.

With New South Wales’ temperate climate, October and November are good times to plant vegetables such as broccoli, capsicum, pumpkin, and tomatoes – as well as many other veggies and herbs. Consider what you use most in the kitchen and enjoy the feeling of achievement when you create a meal with ingredients straight from your own garden!