Our Team

The VictorsFood team are a multi-talented bunch. In addition to being engaging presenters, brilliant chefs, skilled facilitators and enthusiastic teachers, they’ve got talent to spare.


Victor Pisapia
Founder, Presenter, Tour Guide

Victor inspires people through a warm sense of humour, his 3 loves – food, teaching and travel – and a unique ability to connect with people from all backgrounds. Popular food blogger “Not Quite Nigella” says of him, “Learning from Victor is like being taught by a soul generous in spirit and encouragement. The ideal teacher…”. He is praised for his ability as a teacher by his students as well as celebrity foodies like Maeve O’Meara, Lyndey Milan and others. In 2012, Victor was named one of the 50 most influential people in his home state in the past 50 years. For more information on Victor, see our main website.


chef-gregGreg Ardill
Presenter, Tour Guide

Greg Ardill Greg Ardill is also known as “Gourmet Greg”, which suits him perfectly. Greg’s team building approach is enthusiastic and professional. He has a charismatic way of bringing people together and having fun, while meeting their objectives through his patient and professional teaching skills.

As a chef for 15 years, Greg has earned his stripes at various Sydney restaurants like Neil Perrys’ Wokpool, Post Restaurant in Martin Place and Kingsley’s in Sydney, and has years of catering experience under his belt.

Greg’s secret talent is being a fantastic didgeridoo player, which adds a bit extra to our events when he brings one along.


Tawnya Bahr
Presenter, Tour Leader

Tawnya Bahr Tawnya has been an enthusiastic advocate of healthy cooking all her life since purchasing her first cookbook at the age of eight. Fourteen years ago she brought her passion for food to Australia from San Francisco, California and never looked back.

Tawnya’s energy and creative drive combined with her strong marketing background led her to create and build her own gourmet product line (Condiment Connoisseur) and distribution company for the Australian market. For years she showcased quality gourmet foods and created new products with a focus on natural and organic food.

Since selling her distribution business, Tawnya continues organising events for educational centres, art exhibitions, local farmers’ market tours and presenting cooking classes for both adults and children. She shares her marketing and food experience freely with various charity organisations and food events.

As a member of the “Slow Food Movement”, Tawnya is a staunch advocate of growers’ markets and organic foods, featuring local producers in her tours, food classes and presentations. Her dedicated quest for quality and value for money have helped her establish a strong rapport with local producers, and she passes that knowledge onto the public in all her food events.

chef-michelleMichelle Darlington
Presenter / Tour Leader

Michelle Darlington Michelle Darlington is often recognised as one of the contestants on the first series of MasterChef Australia. Michelle came into cooking as a recent career change. A bookshop owner, Michelle has also been a teacher and a photographer, and she credits this life experience as an advantage in working with people.

Michelle started to focus on her passion for food after a kitchen tour when she realised she had got so excited that tears of joy ran down her face. A trip to Italy with a chef allowed Michelle to learn an amazing amount about an industry and a world that it would normally take years to break into.

Passionate about the food she eats, Michelle grows her own veggies and fruit trees, prefers to eat organic and admires Jamie Oliver “I love Jamie Oliver because he gives back to other people and to the community. He’s the salt of the earth and he cares about food and is trying to help changes as well and I identify with that energy.” Michelle reflects all of this back in her team building approach.


Rob Flynn

Rob brings a broad range of experience in fields as diverse as performing arts, modeling, the construction industry and, more recently, as a facilitator for the Beacon Foundation teaching on communication skills, confidence and personal empowerment.

Rob loves food and has been cooking since he was a teenager, with a particular interest in the preparation of cakes desserts and traditional gourmet European dishes passed on by his German mother, and has found expression for his food interests in everything from brand promotion at upscale food outlets to working as a catering supervisor responsible for quality control and presentation of the food for functions from intimate parties of 20, to corporate events of 180 guests.


David Grati

David Grati David Grati is full of life and love for food. With his own pizza oven in his backyard, he is used to getting people to bond over good food. David’s love of food was instilled by his mum who is a fantastic cook.

As a restaurant owner, David brings to the table a keen ability to make sure people learn and appreciate the whole essence of the food activity.

His leadership skills are inspiring to all. David has a strong presence in team building, being able to share his restaurant knowledge with his team.


Jamie Milverton

Jamie Milverton Jamie’s love of food and passion for cooking all started in far North Queensland on Fitzroy Island. This then inspired him on to complete his apprenticeship at Kiplings Restaurant in Cairns in the mid 90’s.

Inspired by fresh quality produce with influences of Mediterranean, Asian, Modern Australian and many others along the way, Jamie headed down the coast where the Noosa journey began at the Sheraton Noosa, where Victor and Jamie met (slaving over a barbecue cooking smoked duck breasts for the Noosa Hot & Spicy Festival).

Jamie then ventured back to his home town of Sydney, and worked along side Victor in many of his corporate team building events throughout NSW and Queensland. Jamie has now settled down on the Sunshine Coast, and is now working with VictorsFood to create events on the coast and surrounding areas.


Chantal Morgan

Chantal Morgan Chantal’s love of fresh food and cooking has been part of her life since childhood. Chantal is a self-taught “foodie” who established and ran her own successful cooking school for 5 years, “Chantal’s Kitchen”, which evolved into a thriving catering business.

Chantal has travelled extensively in the South of France and around the world, and taken cooking classes encompassing many cooking techniques and ingredients. This experience added substantially to her broad understanding of preparing delicious food.

Chantal also has a degree is Glass making / artistry. It is this artistic ability that contributes to making simple food look delicious on a plate. Chantal enjoys working in a team environment and contributing to new and fun experiences for others, all the while partaking in what she loves the most, cooking and her passion for full flavoured seasonal produce.


Evelyn Morris

Evelyn Morris Evelyn Morris wanted to cook pretty much since she discovered her taste buds. While pursuing a career in science she never gave up on her passion for food and cooking. So about 12 years ago she changed course and began her pursuit of a career in food.

From a stint in a chain coffee shop, through a commercial cooking course, Evelyn has gone on to do recipe development at Australian Women’s Weekly, assisting presenters at Sydney Seafood School, food styling, and developing and testing recipes with renowned chef Luke Mangan for his Sydney Morning Herald, Good Living column.

Evelyn is now a proud member of VictorsFood and a frantic student of nutrition. Her desire to make others passionate about cooking is boosted by her love of teaching. As a mum and a Leo, this makes her a great teacher/leader. There is nothing Evelyn enjoys more than seeing the smiles of satisfaction of VictorsFood clients as they bond and share great times while learning some fabulous cooking skills.

chef-anthonyAnthony Nekich

Our ‘man on the ground’ in Melbourne and surrounds, Anth was brought up on his mum’s Croatian/Balkan style cooking and amazing pastries. A qualified chef for close to 10 years now, he has experience ranging from bustling city cafe’s, suburban restaurants, to large eateries and currently doing large corporate events and functions at Rod Laver Arena and Etihad stadium.

With a passion for creativity, Anth is also the lead singer and guitarist in his own band whist juggling his cooking career. Anth’s skill base lies in his ability to engage a group, bringing out the joy of cooking whilst embracing new flavours and, of course, having a laugh while you’re at it! With a quirky sense of humour and a passion for creativity, you’ll enjoy rockin’ out with Anth.


Galit Segev

Galit’s passion for cooking is reflected by the twinkle in her eye when she talks about food. It is contagious. With academic degrees in food sciences, years of experience as a scientist and a long history of experimenting with novel methods of food preparation, Galit knows some food secrets shared by very few.

Galit studied pastries, sugar work and chocolate and has a special touch for desserts and chocolate. Her creativity and innovation got her the Bronze medal in the chocolate dessert competition at the Chocolate Festival.

Galit’s main emphasis is on sophisticated food that can be prepared by non-professionals in a home kitchen. She also strongly believes that anyone, at any age can and should “sex up” any dish by adding their mojo. If you’ve been guided by Galit and still don’t want to throw your career away and become a cook, you’ve been asleep.

chef-wanithaWanitha Tanasingam
Presenter, Creative Director

Wanitha Tanasingam Wanitha has been teaching hands-on cooking since 1982, combining her education and training qualifications. 1996 saw her launch her own cooking school which was a big draw card for both her food fans as well as the corporate market, pioneering the concept of cooking as a corporate team building exercise.

In 2002 Wanitha co-founded Cheeky Food Group with Victor. In 2004 she left Cheeky Food Group, and set up Wanitha Inc to take her idea in new directions. We are excited to have Wanitha working with us again!

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