What is Victorsfood?


VictorsFood is Australia’s ultimate food experience company.

We create memorable, interactive team buildingcooking partiescooking classes, corporate eventsinternational food toursAustralian regional food tours and market tours so people learn, have fun and eat well.

We also offer professional services in food consulting, food coaching, demonstrations andpresentations.

As part of the principle of eating well, VictorsFood encourages the use of sustainable practices in everyday lives by supporting minimal food miles and local growers.

What Do We Do?

Strap on your apron and fire up the grill!

Food Experiences

Team Building

Whether your company is a Fortune 500 or a start-up, there is only one thing that differentiates you from your competitors – your team. Our Team Building offerings use cooking as a fun, engaging, and accessible way to help your team work together better. These are perfect conference activities. Add spice to your team – even the seasoned players will be talking about this activity for a long time!

Choose one of our standard formats, customised to your requirements, or we can work with you to create something unique.

Cooking Classes

Take “a little bite of the world” with our cooking classes ranging from Amazing Malaysian to Nuevo Latino, Spanish, Italian, Mexican and more. Accomplished cooks and novices enjoy our cooking classes because we always make sure you are the star chef. With a glass of wine in hand, you will create and enjoy food you will be proud of.

Cooking Parties

Cooking with your friends is one of the most fun things to do together. Our private cooking parties make the perfect birthday party, corporate event, office party, Christmas party, bridal shower, hen’s night, holiday gathering or singles event. Your place or ours?

International Food Tours

Take “a little bite of the world” on our international food tours. Food travel is a delicious mix of food, culture & fun! See amazing countries through local eyes – things you wouldn’t find on your own – cook local specialties, learn the lingo and get lost in history. Every April, we head to Brazil and Argentina; and coming soon: Southern Italy. Ciao!

Australian Regional Food Tours

For food travel closer to home for Australians, inbound travellers and corporate teams our domestic food tours give you true local flavours and unique experiences. Meet the producers and locals who make Australia “the lucky country”. Enjoy the authentic experience you can only get from insiders.

Market Tours

Get back to your roots with a fresh view of Sydney regional farmers markets. Whether it’s EQ, Ingleside, Eveleigh or others – our market tours are about meeting the growers, hearing their stories and eating well. Get a customised tour and cooking event right at the markets. Great for health & wellness incentives, inbound tours, and conference activities.

Food Intelligence


Advance your objectives using food as a medium and cooking as the metaphor for action. The primal power of cooking and eating together as a bonding activity helps us teach your team essential aspects of

  • time management,
  • communication skills,
  • conflict resolution,
  • project management, and
  • health & wellness
  • through a medium we all know and love – food.

For the ultimate in organisational development, we can deliver your cooking team building event as part of Raw Ingredients, a transformative day with professional facilitators using state-of-the-art psychometric profiles. Your team get to know each other in a way they have neven known before, then head into one of our cooking events for a fully experiential exploration of what you’ve learned. Structured debriefings cement the learnings.


VictorsFood provide professional culinary training. With Certificate IV accreditation in Hospitality training, VictorsFood can design and deliver a plan to meet your long term objectives. Individuals, schools and businesses who need staff training with their food products or professional cooking techniques benefit from this service.

Food Coaching

Do you want to eat better, but hate heading into the kitchen after a long day? It takes too long and the results disappoint? Whether you want to become a better cook, learn the basics to live independently, or to eat well in a time-poor lifestyle, our “Cook Smart to Eat Well” food coaching helps you improve your skills, expand your know-how, and take control of your kitchen and eating.

Food Consulting

Develop and grow your retail F&B or hospitality business by drawing on our experience in these industries, knowledge of current food trends and consumer eating habits. We can help you improve profitability and cash flow, get and retain customers and build brand to stand out from the crowd.


You have seconds to capture your audience, and only a few more moments to engage them around your offering. Your product deserves the best presentation possible. From concept to delivery, we can help you create the event you want for your product launch or demonstration. Work with our creative team to spice-up your presentation for maximum impact.