Companies are increasingly feeling pressure to entice high-calibre candidates to the team, and keeping existing employees happy may feel challenging as well.

In order to attract well-qualified candidates and retain strong members, companies may want to consider ways to improve overall office happiness.

Office floorplan

When designing an office, keep in mind the qualities that most people prefer when spending time in a space every day. This may include having a sizable amount of personal space and privacy. Many workers also benefit from having an area that is separate from their desk where they can unwind or catch up with co-workers on a break.

Open workspaces can benefit companies in a multitude of ways. Employees will have an opportunity to collaborate in common areas, which results in a more leadership-based and creative environment.

Better lighting

Fluorescent lights are among some of the most common complaints heard from office workers. By simply switching out harsh lights for softer lighting, companies may find that employees are instantly more satisfied. Eye strain and headaches are among the many problems caused by lighting that is too dim or too bright. Workers who are uncomfortable will be less happy and more distracted than those who are satisfied.

Incorporating natural light by opening windows and shades is one way to improve the office atmosphere, as is providing employees with desk lamps. That way, workers can adjust their light as needed.


Professionals who work in offices with out-dated technology may not feel proud of their environment. When computers run slowly, copiers jam and lights flicker, employees don’t feel like they matter to the company.

Although seemingly expensive, investing in technology at the office could not only produce a better work product, but also improve office morale. Other technological conveniences, such as Wi-Fi and mobility-enabled phone systems, help make employees’ jobs a little easier.

Remote capabilities

Companies that wish to offer their employees one of the most popular perks will allow for remote access. Flexibility of hours and schedule is an increasingly desirable quality for many workers. Mobility often increases retention across many industries.

Healthy Food Options

Offering snacks and meals instead of just water and coffee is an increasing trend among many modern companies. Employers realize that time employees spend leaving the office to run out for lunch may be time better served running into a co-worker in the kitchen, spurring an impromptu meeting or collaborative opportunity. Communal lunches also give co-workers an opportunity to get to know each other.

Offering staff healthy options is of the utmost importance. It shows workers that their health matters to their employer, and it could save the company health costs in the future.

Unique benefits

Most full-time workers are entitled to healthcare and dental or vision benefits. However, offering unique perks such as gym reimbursement, discounted parking or remote-access healthcare, may increase overall happiness among existing staff, and help attract highly qualified workers.

Authentic culture

Although many new companies feel as though they have to compete with Google or Facebook to keep employees satisfied, most workers simply want to feel appreciated. One of the most important features to keep employees happy is an authentic company culture.

Although open floor plans and ergonomic desks are ideal, most employees are appreciative of small gestures, such as group outings. Team building exercises, such as cooking classes, a harbour cruise, or rock climbing are a fun way to show employees that they are being invested in, while providing them with an opportunity to learn more about their colleagues.