When tasked with organising a work party, the endless lists of things to do can seem quite overwhelming. It’s important not to get too bogged down in the details, however, as you only need to tick off the main areas for a successful event.

Here are 7 ingredients to ensure you have in your party that will have the boss asking you to organise the next function as well!

  1. Great food and drink

Even if your event is only drinks with nibbles, the food and drink still needs to be at minimum good, and ideally great.

Wilted lettuce in the sandwiches and half cold sausage rolls won’t impress anyone and will likely leave you with piles of leftovers to deal with. Hosting the event at a venue with food or bringing is a caterer is a great way to get around this possibility if you don’t have the resources to do it yourself.

  1. Activities everyone can enjoy

One of the main things to keep in mind is deciding on an activity or form of entertainment that everyone can enjoy. This will be hardest if you have a wide range of ages and personality types in your company, but perhaps easier if you can find something that everyone has in common (even if that’s just delicious food!).

  1. A suitable venue

Your work party venue needn’t be massive or expensive; it just needs to suit your guests. It will need to have plenty of room to move around – but not too much, clean bathrooms, a clear food and drink area, and a welcoming atmosphere.

  1. The majority in attendance

Work parties simply don’t work as well when only a quarter of the office turns up. Aim to organise the event at a time and place when everyone is able to come, and make the party attractive enough to give them reason to. Without as many as possible taking part, you won’t be as successful as bringing everyone together.

  1. Clear instructions

Make sure everyone coming knows when to arrive, expectations for dress codes, if they need to bring anything, who they can bring, and when the party is scheduled to end. Confusion over whether or not partners/children are invited can become uncomfortable, and not having a clear end time will make it harder for people to plan their rides home.

  1. A photographer

You could either hire a professional, set up a photobooth with props, hand out disposable cameras, or simply appoint one of the staff members to be in charge of snapping a few photos during the event. Photos are an important and easy way to remember the event, and you can print them out to put in the workplace or offer them for employees to take home.

  1. A ban on work talk

When you’re spending time with workmates outside of the office or workplace, the easiest and most common subject area is work itself. While you may expect a little of this, try to steer away from such talk, as the idea of the event is to get away from the desk and enjoy the time together. Spread the word that there will be penalties for shop talk (ie wearing a stupid hat until someone else is caught doing it) so that everyone can get to know each other a little better.