Getting your garden or herb pots organised now can mean a massive payoff later in the year. Growing your own fruits and vegetables is not only extremely satisfying – it can also help you save a few dollars at the supermarket checkout.

Here are five things you could plant now to enjoy later!

  1. Lettuce

Lettuce is wonderfully easy to grow, and it’s one of those items that you can use in just about anything – from salads and wraps, to tacos and burgers. You can start the seeds in trays and move them to the garden in 4-6 weeks, or start straight in the garden.

Plant now and you’ll have plenty of leafy greens within 8-12 weeks.


  1. Parsley

If you don’t have a garden to plant large produce, that doesn’t mean you can’t set your green fingers to work with herbs. Parsley is a valuable addition to any household, and if you plant it now, you’ll start seeing edible results in 9-19 weeks. Don’t panic if you don’t see growth right away, as it can take a month or so for seedlings to appear.

Note: Parsley and lettuce shouldn’t be planted in the same bed.

  1. Carrots

Carrots are hardy, root vegetables that respond well to cool soil, and are generally easy to grow just about anywhere. If you plant seeds now, it will take roughly 3 weeks for the first shoots to come through, and approximately 12-18 weeks overall before you can harvest them.

  1. Cucumber


A great salad addition and a tasty snack, cucumber is an easy-to-grow fruit that loves the sun and needs plenty of water.

Plant now to enjoy in 8-10 weeks, and be sure to cut the fruit with a pair of scissors or a knife, rather than pulling or twisting them off of the stalk. 

  1. Beetroot

Beetroot are a great vegetable to have in the garden any time of year, as they can be eaten as part of a hot roast dish in winter, or a refreshing salad throughout summer.

Beetroot seeds need to be thinned before planting, as groups will produce a weaker crop, so soak them in water for 24 hours first to separate them out. After you plant, you should be able to harvest them in 7-10 weeks.