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Many business leaders and human resource managers know the wide-ranging benefits of holding team building events, such as improved communication, better team problem-solving skills, and more support of one another.

What many leaders miss out on is exactly when to hold a workplace event. Here are five examples of times when a team may need the extra boost a corporate event offers for the best business results possible.

  1. When you hire a new staff member

Bringing in a new member of the team can always be something of a reshuffle, regardless of how well everyone gets on. There are often new seating arrangements to be made, as well as new friendships to be founded and skills to be taught.

It may take a while for the new member to feel comfortable, and for the old team to welcome the new member as one of their own. Speed up this process considerably with an event and help everyone come to terms with the change more quickly.

  1. When it’s been more than 3 months since the last one

You may need to host a corporate team building event simply because it’s been a while since the last one. Team building – in the office or out – is an ongoing process, and it tends to work best when it’s a regular commitment rather than a one-off.

When you hold events regularly, it becomes a positive part of the workplace culture that can help remind workers of the good side of the job when they go through stressful patches.

  1. When there’s been a change in management

Even though a change in management doesn’t usually directly affect the team dynamic, it can affect the way things are done in the workplace, which can be disruptive.

Use a team building event to remind your workers about their own strengths to help them through any bumpy periods during the transition. The problem-solving skills and requirement to work together during such activities are the same strategies for getting through workplace changes.

  1. When performance has been low

While low performance will likely need a number of strategies in place to rectify the situation, one way to deal with a lagging team is to get them working well together outside of the office.

Something fun that brings everyone together can boost their spirits, refresh the team connections and help them bring more work-life balance to the mix. This kind of investment in fun will show your workers you are as committed to their own workplace happiness as you are to the bottom line.

  1. At the start of the New Year

Everyone has just come back from fantastic Christmas and New Year breaks. They sit down at their desk and sigh, feeling like they’ve hardly been away. Even the boss feels this lethargy at returning to work after a lovely break, so now’s the time to reignite their passion and motivation for the job with a team building event.

This will save the time it would usually take to get everyone back into the swing of things, as well as giving everyone time and space to talk about their holidays outside of work hours.