A happy office tends to be a productive office, and the more productive your employees are, the better that bottom line is going to look for you.

So what are a few things you need in your office to help foster happier employees?

  1. Communal areas

A kitchen should be more than just a place to stand in line to wait for the microwave. Add seating (a dining table or bench would be ideal) and you’ve got a fantastic place for workers to step away from their desks for meals. If you have a meeting room that’s used less often than others, consider turning it into a hybrid room that can be used for meetings if need be, but is more often a relaxed room where workers can take breaks.

  1. Music

Music has been shown time and time again to improve people’s moods, and it can even boost workplace productivity. The trick is finding a happy medium that everyone can enjoy, so consider what will work for your team best before installing one office-wide loudspeaker to blast the Top 20 tunes all day.

  1. Team experiences

While material items (such as wine and other gifts) are always welcome, it is experiences that can really stick in a person’s memory and help them stay happy in the workplace. Look out for fun team-building exercises to introduce to keep the great experiences coming.

  1. Positivity

It goes without saying that happy workers will create their own positivity, but it all has to stem from somewhere. Look for reasons to offer positive feedback or even small rewards throughout the year. Even just small tokens of appreciation (whether it’s an email or a bottle of wine) can make for a huge difference in the office atmosphere.