Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean your corporate events need to be put on ice. In fact, as employees head out less often over the cooler months, it’s even more of a reason to treat them to a social gathering outside of work so they have something extra to look forward to.

There’s plenty still to do and see around Sydney as a work event during winter. Here are just three ideas for things to do with your employees over the cold months.

Chocolate tasting

If tasting different creamy, rich, textured, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates doesn’t warm you up from the inside, nothing will.

Chocolate tasting events for workplaces are a laid-back way of bringing people together in the shared love of the humble cocoa bean. The Sydney Chocolate School holds such events, where they can cater to as few as four or as many as 40 for an hour and a half of delicious treats at their Kirribilli store.

The tasting includes information on the process of turning the cocoa bean into the smooth chocolate we know and love, as well as lessons on the five sensory tests for determining the best chocolate bar. You’ll taste chocolate – and learn the difference – from Madagascar and The Caribbean, and you’ll enjoy a nice glass of Mas Amiel, a dessert wine considered to be the only true beverage to accompany chocolate.

Winter Garden

Instead of hiding away from the cool weather, embrace the beauty and excitement winter can bring at the annual Winter Garden that comes to Sydney and other Australian cities every year.

The main attraction is the change to ice skate outdoors in the city CBD, but there are also food and beverages, and music and entertainment. The frozen forest is a beautiful LED creation of gently lit and coloured trees that you can walk amongst for some truly magical photos.

For events such as company work functions, you can also hire out your own ‘igloo’, a large inflatable private area for you and your colleagues. The largest igloos can fit up to 20 people at a time, and you can hire them during the day or evening for a cosy wintry work do.

Cooking classes

VictorsFood knows what the usual cooking class looks like – people sitting around looking bored waiting for a nice meal with a bit of lecturing on the finer points of chopping celery the ‘correct’ way from the chef. That’s why VictorsFood doesn’t do your usual cooking class.

Instead, it’s more of a cooking party. Everyone in attendance gets to make their own meal and have fun while they’re at it. It’s simple enough for anyone to enjoy, but impressive enough to leave everyone feeling accomplished and feeling like they’ve learned something new.

The focus is on the experience and the enjoyment, with plenty of opportunities for chatting and laughter during the event. Plus, with ovens, stove tops, boiling water in pans, microwaves and energetic people all in the same place, you’ll have no problem keeping warm no matter what the weather’s doing outside.