Team building is something that doesn’t just occur during expensive retreats or dinners out. There are countless ways to ensure your team works well together, and they don’t need to cost you a cent, either.

Here are three free and simple ideas to bring your workers together.

  1. Weekly email chains

A new email in your inbox is usually bland at best, and extra work or bad feedback at worst. Turn the humble and sometimes-hated inbox into a force for good by adding a team building activity into the works.

On a Monday, email everyone in the group to start the chain. The idea is that anytime someone in the group notices someone else going something fantastic, they can send a quick note to everyone else. Often, little examples of stellar work go unnoticed by most, so this simple activity can help everyone feel appreciated and welcome.

  1. Shared lunch breaks

Once every week or fortnight, suggest to the team that you all time your lunchbreak together. Pick a day, find a suitable spot at your workplace or at an outdoor space nearby, and sit down to enjoy a meal together away from the desks and work stations.

It won’t always be possible, but this activity is extremely simple, easy, and effective whenever you can make it happen.

  1. Take an online Myers-Briggs test

 The Myers-Briggs test is a quick and easy way to learn more about your personality type and how that effects everything from your work to your relationships and preferred forms of communication. There are plenty of free tests you can take online, so have everyone sit down to complete the same one.

Afterwards, you can get together and share results. This might help people find others with the same ‘type’ in your group, and it can help each person to better understand his or her coworkers.