Some leaders are born and others are made, but no matter which type you are, there are a number of skills that will help you and your team through the tough times in the workplace.

Here are three of those essential skills and how they make for better teams.

 The ability to focus on the customer

They call it ‘bringing the customer to the boardroom’, and while that might not literally be a great idea, it is great to have a leader who can do this metaphorically speaking.

A leader who keeps the focus on the customer helps everyone on the team and in the company. This is because they aren’t playing favourites, taking sides, or having anything to do with the inevitable office politics that arise in most workplaces. Instead, they are ensuring the customer is getting the experience that the company promises, and in doing so, shows the rest of the team where their priorities should lie, too.

 A 100 per cent follow through rate

 A good manager always needs to follow through on his or her promises, no matter what those promises may entail.

For example, if you say you will talk to the higher ups about an issue – do it. If you promise to reward your team with a workplace shout – do so. And if you make threats about what happens when a worker misses a deadline – carry those out, too.

This will quickly ensure that your team knows you can both be trusted to carry out your promises, and that you don’t make idle threats.

 The skill of listening

 Many managers will spend the majority of meetings talking, when in fact, a great manager will spend more time listening to their team members.

This allows them to actually listen to the wants, needs, concerns and ideas of each worker. With this information, a good manager can better help that worker and utilise their best ideas for the betterment of the team.