Presentation / Lite Bites


The Perfect Match

Food & Wine Matching Experience – 2 hours
Taste, watch, learn and enjoy as we join with Australian Wine & Beer School to demonstrate 4 easy to recreate canapes, then taste them alongside exquisite, perfectly matched Australian regional wines. Learn why these pairings work, and how to create your own Perfect Match.


MasterChef Stage Show

Lights, Camera, Action – 1 hour
A small group from your team compete MasterChef style in a timed event, preparing a light meal for the whole team in 1 hour with plenty of engagement for the whole audience. This event is brilliant entertainment with a light meal – perfect for larger groups on a tight budget or timeline.


Wok On!

Fire up Passion – 1 hour
Fire up your event with this high-octane experience that inspires and motivates. Let your guests join in the cooking or enjoy the show as we develop your message through layers of metaphor and action. Perfect for product launches, conferences, ice breakers and motivational events.


Cook Smart to Eat Well

Wellness with Wow! – 45 minutes
We come to you with 45-minute interactive health & wellness cooking sessions to get your team excited about eating well. These fun, quick sessions are designed for the company that wants to promote staff wellness in a hands-on cooking team building format.

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