VictorsFood in the Media

Media Releases

5 Sep 12Cook-up a Best Ever Christmas Party for your Teamminipdficon PDF : 265kb
16 Aug 12Prize Draw Winners from Sydney’s Event Showcase RSVP12minipdficon PDF: 250Kb
11 Jul 12Multi-Sensory Training Builds Exceptionally Performing Teamsminipdficon PDF: 218Kb
30 Mar 12Tighter Timeframes and Budgets Drive New Business Eventsminipdficon PDF: 231Kb
01 Jul 11VictorsFood launches ‘Hot Chocolate’ Group Cooking Eventsminipdficon PDF: 264Kb
03 May 11VictorsFood Launches India and Italy Food Tour Alliancesminipdficon PDF: 80Kb
28 Feb 11New & Improved regional food tourminipdficon PDF: 161Kb
01 Feb 11VictorsFood and Sabre Annouce New Alliance Offerings at AIME 2011minipdficon PDF: 47Kb
01 Oct 10Chef Wanitha Tanasingam Set to Wok Your Team with VictorsFoodminipdficon PDF: 103Kb
01 Jul 10VictorsFood Set to Bring the Sizzle to RSVP Sydneyminipdficon PDF: 71Kb
20 Apr 10New Food Tour Datesminipdficon PDF: 276Kb
09 Apr 10New Green Team Famil Datesminipdficon PDF: 236Kb
24 Mar 10The Great Green Team – Carbon Offset, Certified Organic Team Buildingminipdficon PDF: 280Kb
28 Jan 10Regional Flavours – Food Tour Launchminipdficon PDF: 253Kb
15 Nov 09Casa Herradura Turns Up the Heat with VictorsFoodminipdficon PDF: 166Kb
20 Oct 09Christmas ‘No Risk’ Gift Certificatesminipdficon PDF: 72Kb
27 Sep 09End of the Global Financial Crisisminipdficon PDF: 69Kb
25 Aug 09Hungry for South Coast NSW Tour (Sydney International Food Festival)minipdficon PDF: 118Kb
08 Aug 09South American Tour $500 Savings Offer – Food Toursminipdficon PDF: 67Kb
25 Jul 09MasterChef Challenge – Team Buildingminipdficon PDF: 193Kb
17 Jun 09Classical Language – Italian & Spanish classesminipdficon PDF: 100Kb
15 Jun 09Hungry for South Americaminipdficon PDF: 110Kb
26 May 09Cooking Classes Gain Popularity As Stocks Fallminipdficon PDF: 55Kb

VictorsFood Media Clippings

01 Jun 10Feasting on fields of colour – SMH Entertainmentminipdficon PDF: 32Kb
28 May 10VictorsFood goes carbon neutral – Southern Courierminipdficon PDF: 35Kb
11 May 10Wanna Be Starting Something? – Blogminipdficon PDF: 65Kb
08 May 10Back at Victor’s – Singapore Chilli Crab – eatwright.netminipdficon PDF: 196Kb
27 Apr 10Rabbit in the Classroom – VictorsFood – Gourmet Rabbitminipdficon PDF: 520Kb
22 Apr 10Spice Readers Cook Up a Great Night With VictorsFood – SPICE Newsminipdficon PDF: 99Kb
16 Mar 10Bowling for Malaysia – Felix & Limpyminipdficon PDF: 173Kb
11 Mar 10Hot List – RSVP2010minipdficon PDF: 430Kb
10 Mar 10The Recipes from Taste of Sydney 2010minipdficon PDF: 231Kb
26 Feb 10Add an Avo – ClubLife v26 n1minipdficon PDF: 276Kb
19 Feb 10The Great Green Team – Business Events Australia Newsminipdficon PDF: 110Kb
31 Jan 10Victor’s Place – eatwright.netminipdficon PDF: 205Kb
01 Jan 10Herradura Turns Up the Heat – bars&clubs No52minipdficon PDF: 205Kb
18 Nov 09VictorsFood Tours Australia – South Coast Food Tour – About.comminipdficon PDF: 128Kb
05 Nov 09Cooking up a storm – Lloyds List DCS – Out And Aboutminipdficon PDF: 164Kb
03 Nov 09Travel Tales – She PDF: 89Kb
25 Oct 09What I Ate Cooked Bought – SMH Sunday Lifeminipdficon PDF: 613Kb
18 Oct 09Cooking Modern Mexican at VictorsFood – Grab Your Forkminipdficon PDF: 1.4Mb
13 Oct 09Enerpac team lets their hair down – H&Pminipdficon PDF: 209Kb
21 Sep 09Recipe – Chocolate Chilli Truffles – Not Quite Nigellaminipdficon PDF: 1.8Mb
26 Aug 09Hungry for the South Coast – South Coast Registerminipdficon PDF: 514Kb
26 Jun 09VictorsFood – Daily Addictminipdficon PDF: 210Kb
16 Jun 09Recipe – Prawns Saganaki – Australian Women’s Weeklyminipdficon PDF: 302Kb